Portraiture, skateboarding and travel: this is what awaits you in our Instagram selection #287. Each photographer shares their visual diary on their digital gallery: so many unique visions that will inspire you!


Living between Istanbul and Taipei, photographer Seren Coşkun never runs out of creativity when she produces portraits. Skillfully composing with the shadows and geometry of places, her models convey tenderness and mystery before her lens.

© Seren Coşkun / Instagram


Roni Ahn, a London-based photographer of South-Korean and Hong-Kong origins, features on Instagram her “visual diary”. Sublimated by a soft and natural light, her compositions – combining portraits and architectural elements – depict a world of almost surreal beauty.

© Roni Ahn / Instagram


German filmmaker and art director Tobi Schnorpeil posts on Instagram melancholic triptychs. By scrolling through his account, we dive into a mysterious world – a theatrical stage from where anonymous silhouettes and fantastic stories emerge.

© Tobi Schnorpfeil / Instagram


“Passionate about skateboarding and music, I naturally started shooting them”, writes Teddy Morellec on his website. Though the French photographer now captures other subjects, skateboards and extreme sports still fill his digital gallery. A most thrilling collection.

© Teddy Morellec / Instagram


“I drift on a winding road that channels my senses”, says Marvin J. Lee, a United-States-based photographer, on his Instagram account. Digital or analogue… The artist captures all the colours of the roads, towns and landscapes he encounters on his trips.

© Marvin Lee / Instagram

Cover picture: © Marvin Lee / Instagram