Delicate, subtle or even frightening, the images in our Instagram selection #284 all evoke a dreamy world, as unsettling as it is appealing. A most immersive collection.


Welcome to the strange world of Rafael Avcioglu. “Human obsessed”, the photographer creates hypnotic and sometimes nightmarish pictures. At the heart of his creations? Bodies, and the stories they weave – narratives as intimate as they are violent.

© Rafael Avcioglu / Instagram


“Delicate, beautiful, temporary”, this is how Australian artist Thomas Edmondson describes his images. Inspired by “darkness, nature and calmness”, the photographer showcases on Instagram a collection of pictures straight out of the world of dreams. A most soothing account.

© Thomas Edmondson / Instagram


By layering coats of transparency, photographer Carmen Wayne explores the infinitesimal nuances of emotions. The analog films decompose into colourful and subtle strata, where self-portraits confront nature.

© Carmen Wayne / Instagram


By manipulating her – often out-of-date – film rolls, the Italian photographer Camilla Schmitt experiments with her shots. Never far from the sea, and through her colourful compositions, she captures upside down, split and sometimes dislocated figures.

© Camilla Schmitt / Instagram


Jalaludin Trautmann is a German-born cinematographer who has worked – among other things – on the TV series The Walking Dead. A taste for horror and suspense can be guessed from his Instagram gallery, where dark silhouettes, dense forests and deserted roads intersect.

© Jalaludin Trautmann / Instagram

Cover picture: © Rafael Avcioglu / Instagram