Unusual, poetic or minimal wanderings… The photographers in this Instagram selection #282 capture the nuances of everyday life. A most calming walk.


“Through my photographs, I seek to understand and interpret the relationship with ourselves and our environment”, writes Vanda Pap on her website. Based in Brisbane, the Hungarian photographer captures bodies, still lifes and buildings with refinement. An immersion into a minimal and pleasant world.

© Vanda Pap / Instagram


The Argentinian street photographer Chini Bolsón captures the diversity of everyday life in the open-air theatre that is Buenos Aires. Comic, dramatic and even burlesque scenes, captured in funny and complex compositions, parade in front of his lens.

© Chini Bolsón / Instagram


At the heart of the French photographer Manolo Mylonas’s work: the suburbs. In a series shot in Seine Saint-Denis, he captures unusual moments between the buildings of Montreuil. Scrolling through his gallery, we discover a lost horse on the terrace of a building, as well as an improvised picnic on the old A186 motorway.

© Manolo Mylonas / Instagram


Mexican-based photographer Avraham Edery describes himself as a “visual storyteller” on his Instagram account. With his film images, he takes us on a journey to discover the world and the ones who populate it.

© Avraham Edery / Instagram


The mysterious photographer Zaky, behind the pseudonym Udaeki, shares with us, in a colourful style and his own unique light, beautiful portraits. Even when he uses black and white, his productions inspire joy and tenderness.

@udaeki / Instagram

Cover picture: © @udaeki / Instagram