Dreamlike portraits and symbolic landscapes, the photographers from our Instagram selection #281 turn their digital galleries into theatres of the imagination. Draw the curtains on their worlds: minimalist, colourful or complex.


Dark landscapes, dimmed lights, enigmatic characters… Mikael Aldo’s images read like fragments of stories just waiting for a narrator. As we browse through his Instagram account, we begin to imagine stories to frame the pictures. An immersive experience.

© Mikael Aldo / Instagram


Passionate about architecture, decoration and travel, the French photographer Yvan Moreau publishes panoramas of rare beauty on Instagram. Paying attention to his compositions and colour palettes, the artist gives his images a pictorial aura, worthy of the great masters.

© Yvan Moreau / Instagram


Surrealist portraits and intimate stagings… The Italian photographer Lorella Furleo Semeraro gives voice to everyday objects through colourful and expressive images. Softness and lightness are the order of the day on her Instagram account.

© Lorella Furleo Semeraro / Instagram


The Italian artist Valeria Ciardulli uses her Instagram account as a personal and dreamlike theatre. The photographer multiplies self-portraits, where she hides herself here and there, in her kitchen or in her living room, with a touch of humour and tenderness.

© Valeria Ciardulli / Instagram


AJ, a mysterious street photographer likes to capture the graphic quality of the urban world. Dark silhouettes, plays of light, minimalist compositions and unique frames punctuate his digital gallery, giving the mundane a theatrical dimension.

© framesofaj / Instagram

Cover picture: © Mikael Aldo / Instagram