Using dreamlike, blurred or colourful settings, the photographers in our Instagram selection #278 reinvent the art of portraiture and question the human condition.


Wiktoria publishes on Instagram fantastic landscapes with warm tones, “between reality and imagination”. In the heart of these marvellous territories, silhouettes of women are dancing and celebrating their freedom. An account evoking the sweetness of holidays.

© vikollia / Instagram


Bodies fly away before the lens of photographer Onur Kaya. Throughout his digital gallery, the characters face the world, rise to the skies, and push back the limits of the human condition. As if by magic, in front of our admiring eyes, the stars line up in the photographic moment.

© Onur Kaya / Instagram


In Erhan Arif Telis’s world, solitary men face strange panoramas. By painting the landscapes in unreal colours, the photographer invites us to dive into a dreamlike universe, and to let our imagination guide us towards phantasmagorical spaces.

© Erhan Arif Telis / Instagram


Italian photographer and designer Lisa Mazzei publishes cinematographic images on Instagram. Presented in sequences, her stories reveal only a few avenues of reflection and allow mystery to linger.

© Lisa Mazzei / Instagram


Partial to soft focus, @heatherlia69 multiplies her portraits and blurs the lines of perception. A veil of mystery hovers over her images, imbued with nostalgia and questions the relations between body and environment.

© heatherlia69 / Instagram

Cover picture: © Lisa Mazzei / Instagram