Playful, surreal or mysterious compositions, the photographers of this Instagram selection #277 take us into their intimate universes. A series of digital galleries showcasing singular visions of our world.


Deserted streets, foggy landscapes, ghostly gaz stations… The images of the mysterious Instagramer Moreno take us to a strange world, where mankind no longer seems to exist. From this no man’s land emerges a certain nostalgia, a feeling of peace.

© film.moreno / Instagram


Be careful not to miss anything, the photographer Margot Martinez multiplies surrealist portraits and hides surprising details. By confronting her subjects with their environment, she captures bodies and manipulates them with humour and tenderness. A light softness that will intrigue you.

© Margot Martinez / Instagram


Based in Stockholm, Noah Agema publishes atypical portraits on Instagram. His models – whose faces are often concealed – pose in a post-apocalyptic world of red tones and toxic smoke. A most immersive account.

© Noah Agemo / Instagram


“Nightrides enthusiast”, says the account of Carlitoz, a photographer based in Bordeaux. And for good reason, the author only shoots at nightfall. On his digital gallery, he presents a collection of cinematographic and bewitching pictures, to be devoured with your eyes.

© carlitoz_shots / Instagram


Minimalist, colourful and playful, Esmerina Zalli’s images come straight out of a dream. Brilliantly matched on her Instagram account, they set up a mysterious atmosphere and reveal the meanders of our minds.

© Esmerina Zalli / Instagram

Cover picture: © Noah Agemo / Instagram