Staged or captured instinctively, the images from our Instagram selection #276 question the world around us. The thousand shades of the human being are revealed in the mystery of the photographic instant.


“I shoot what I want”. The message is clear, on the Instagram account of the Italian photographer Elvis Federico. Graffiti, street, parties… The artist is the witness of a passionate youth. In his analog pictures, nonchalance reigns, and political consciousness awakens.

© Elvis Federico / Instagram


Ambre Chaval stages her friends through subtly dreamlike portraits. Discover a light and carefree gallery, where questions of identity mingle with photographic abstractions.

© Ambre Chaval / Instagram


Visual artist Alisa Gulkanyan specialises in photography and collage. On her Instagram account, she crosses mediums and presents a collection of images inspired by the shades of the human being – from melancholy to mystery, passing through humour and cynicism.

© Alisa Gulkanyan / Instagram


The photographer and video maker, using the pseudonym @curly-ronin, captures moments of his daily life with film. He doesn’t hesitate to improvise on the spot, to multiply the games of perception, and to maintain the marvellous in his images.

© curly_ronin / Instagram


Street photographer, Filipe Pinhas captures our ordinary wanderings. Deserted docks, trains hidden by the morning mist, solitary travellers and urban chiaroscuro populate his Instagram account and invite us to imagine a journey into a phantasmagorical universe.

© Filipe Pinhas / Instagram

Cover picture: © Filipe Pinhas / Instagram