Street photography, portraits and freedom, here is what awaits you in this Instagram selection #271. In colour as in black and white, in the city or the countryside, the photographers explore and travel the world to unearth real gems.


Love, friendship, endless holidays… With the fever of youth, Tim Salisbury passionately captures all his surroundings. Travelling the American countryside with his friends, he invites us to share these emotional moments. An account exuding freedom.

© Tim Salisbury / Instagram


Working between Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, Daria Gritsai specialises in portraiture. Inspired by cinema, she turns her models into actors and her photoshoots into dramatic stagings, to bring out the theatricality of everyday life. A collection of captivating stories.

© Daria Gritsai / Instagram


Welcome to Camille Legrand’s universe. A world coloured by the nuances of sunset. Splendid panoramas, starry skies, graphic compositions and intimate scenes are brought together on her account to form a light and exotic visual journal.

© Camille Legrand / Instagram


Mysterious portraits in the rainy streets of Galway. Here is Mark Walsh’s subject of choice. Travelling through the Irish city, he captures its inhabitants, transformed into elusive and disconnected characters. A feeling of strangeness emanates from this account dedicated to street photography.

© Mark Walsh / Instagram


Street photography fascinates Vivek Raj Singh. Based between Assam and Bombay, the photographer gets lost in the urban world, looking for striking scenes and remarkable shadow plays. A collection of mastered monochrome compositions that he shares on his Instagram account.

© Vivek Raj Singh / Instagram

Cover picture: © Daria Gritsai / Instagram