Surreal or marvellous, the images created by the photographers in this Instagram selection #266 have one thing in common: they invite us into the world of dreams.


Living in Lisbon, Sara Lusitano uses analog photography to explore the vulnerability and the absurdity of human bodies. Working with vivid colors, she transforms her models’ silhouettes into works of art.

© Sara Lusitano / Instagram


Based in Montreal, the artist behind the username @_dequoy_ delivers a series of portraits each more surreal than the last. Always with a hint of humour, her photographs portray crazy characters who question the identity of our bodies.

© _dequoy_ / Instagram


Navina Khatib shows us what the universe looks like through her dreaming eyes. She takes us on an almost mystical trip where the cloudy and psychedelic landscapes look nothing like our world. This Instagram account unveils a poetic galaxy all by itself.

© Navina Khatib / Instagram


Welcome to Francisco Marin’s world, where the sun always shines with a red glow. Often taken at sunset, these photos are a door towards a marvelous and always slightly surreal world.

© Francisco Marin / Instagram


From the intimate to the public, from the ordinary to the journey, Felipe Viveiros is able to grasp instants of rare poetry. The photographer captures his subjects in a graphic-style black and white, and invites us into the heart of his delicate imaginary world.

© Felipe Viveiros / Instagram

Cover picture: © Francisco Marin / Instagram