Poetic, surreal or nightmarish visions… The photographers from our Instagram selection #265 invite us into their unique universes. A hypnotic journey.


Surfer, director and photographer @troadeclucas publishes on Instagram his poetic roaming. Portraits, seaside landscapes, dynamic metropolis… During his road trip the artist captures scenes that move him, and shares with us his stream of consciousness.

© troadeclucas / Instagram


Based in Istanbul, Çağla Polat has an eye for post-apocalyptic sceneries. Neon lights, scary silhouettes and soft-focus help transform her surroundings into a film set. An account dedicated to science-fiction lovers.

© Çağla Polat / Instagram


Double exposure, misty landscapes, and moonlight fill Kel Lovett’s digital gallery. We do not know anything about this mysterious photographer, but we cherish their supernatural and poetic creations.

© Kel Lovett / Instagram


Artist Shaoqi Hu specialises in portraiture and self-portrait. On her Instagram account, she unveils – both physically and metaphorically. To do so, she often uses double exposure. A sensual and inspiring discovery.

© Shaoqi Hu / Instagram


Diane Velex presents on her Instagram gallery her sweet and poetic photographic universe. Here, people are put at the forefront.

© Diane Velex / Instagram

Cover picture: © Shaoqi Hu / Instagram