Minimal pictures, sulphurous portraits or trips to foreign lands… The photographers from our Instagram selection multiply experiences and will get you inspired!


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, we read on Capochiani-Armando’s Instagram account. The amateur photographer captures urban landscapes whose lines are somewhat surreal. A collection of pastel and symmetrical images worthy of Wes Anderson.

© Capochiani-Armando / Instagram


Photographer and world-traveller, Piotr Maślanka takes is to the Tuscan countryside and the seaside villages of Greece. Contemplative, his pictures explore oneirism and the sweet melancholy affiliated to coming home after a long trip.

© Piotr Maślanka / Instagram


Hamza Lafrouji, also known as “Psycho moustache” is a fashion photographer specialising in portraiture. Sulphurous and colourful, the images published on his Instagram account highlight charismatic and liberated women.

© Hamza Lafrouji / Instagram


“My photography is a collection of people I find interesting and scenes that feel like a movie”, Moe Kite explains. The photographer, from Pennsylvania, United States, showcases on Instagram her deliciously cinematic universe.

© moekite / Instagram


From Barcelona, Lucas Garrido is now based in New York, where he produces both commissions and more personal bodies of work. His images – theatrical and dramatic – tell fascinating stories we can’t help devouring.

© Lucas Garrido / Instagram

Cover picture: © Hamza Lafrouji / Instagram