Sunny beaches, colourful villages and delicate portraits follow one another in our Instagram selection. An irresistible call for evasion.


Photographer and cinematographer, Ryan Murphy turns his pictures into poetic paintings. Favouring a warm-coloured palette, he captures peaceful moments and summery landscapes. A most exotic account.

© Ryan Murphy / Instagram


Soft focus, double-exposure and romantic landscapes fill Sevina Karageorgou’s Instagram gallery. A soft melancholia emanates from the Greek photographer’s colourful picture – like a need to get away.

© Sevina Karageorgou / Instagram


Max Hannes Beutler, a photographer based in Berlin, likes to “create and catch moments”. On Instagram, he presents a collection of multifaceted portraits, conveying strength, mystery or even intimacy.

© Max Hannes Beutler / Instagram


Based in Frankfurt, Germany, Ramon Haindl showcases on Instagram his visual diary. Bright colours, ephemeral moments and delicate sceneries punctuate our journey into a splendid universe. A nice discovery.

© Ramon Haindl / Instagram


Ainsley Sherwin captures her surroundings on film. Urban strolls and bucolic excursions follow one another on her digital gallery, inviting us to let go – if for one moment only – of our daily life.

© Ainsley Sherwin / Instagram

Cover picture: © Ryan Murphy / Instagram