Need to get your fill of energy and inspiration? You are at the right spot! Discover the five Instagram accounts we have selected for you this week.


“Is time an illusion?” wonders the mysterious owner of this account. Without any complex, she plays with bodies, shadows – and so our perception.

© 23h46 / Instagram


Klaudia Symbor is based in Lublin, Poland. Scrolling her Instagram gallery, we stumble upon fashion photographs, and portraits. An account to follow closely.

© Klaudia Symbor / Instagram


Here is an account dedicated to travels and quality time with friends. Jan Ficher capture his daily life with a nice authenticity – both in colour and black and white.

© Jan Fischer / Instagram


Welcome to Gabriel Carrère’s universe. A delicate world where portraits and landscapes follow one another, with a magnetic coherence.

© Gabriel Carrère / Instagram


The Instagram account of Zoé Pignolet, a textile designer and photographer based in Paris, is sweet and delicate. Here and there, we learn about the artist’s fascination for material and texture.

© Zoé Pignolet / Instagram

Cover picture: © 23h46 / Instagram