Et voici nos cinq pépites chinées sur Instagram cette semaine ! Street photography, photos de mode ou portraits sensibles. Une bonne dose d’inspiration !


“Street photography is the cornerstone of all photography”, writes Tomer Vaknin. This artist’s aim? Capturing special moments – one after the other. We discover on his Instagram feed his view of Berlin, his “second” home.

© Tomer Vaknin / Instagram


Besides being a graphic designer and illustrator, Anushka is also a photographer. She shares on her Instagram account her creations – most of them self-portraits.

© Anushka / Instagram


Julia Marino showcases on her Instagram gallery a collection of colourful portraits. Often, poetry and fashion blend together and complement each other. A charming discovery.

© Julia Marino / Instagram


Emmie is a photographer based in London. She shares on Instagram her latest pictures, oscillating between fashion photography and colourful portraits.

© Emmie America / Instagram


Italian photographer Federico del Freo suffers from the Wanderlust syndrome. Obsessed by travels, he flies all over the world and captures beautiful scenes.

© Federico del Freo / Instagram

Cover picture: © Julia Marino / Instagram