Still not on holiday? Our Instagram selection of the week will keep you waiting. Peacefulness and inspiration guaranteed!


Kamiel is a photography student based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The images he showcases on his digital gallery are the reflection of his roaming.

© Kamiel Scholten / Instagram


With Jakoc Macintosh, we get lost into a dimension where dreams and spontaneity are all but one. An interesting discovery that will make your imagination run wild.

© Jakob Macintosh / Instagram


Aurore Bano is a photographer based in Paris. She shares on her Instagram account some of her explorations, far from the French capital.

© Aurore Bano / Instagram


Chilling and letting go. Here is what this account inspires you to do. Luiz Eduardo Costa helps you hold on… until you’re on holiday!

© Luiz Eduardo Costa / Instagram


Photographer, director, Karol Poznański accumulates artistic skills. Her images – always neat – are like scenes from a film you could star in.

© Karol Poznański / Instagram

Cover picture: © Jakob Macintosh / Instagram