Warm colours, surreal compositions and intimate scenes fill this new Instagram selection. A delicious blend to help you get inspired!


Lena Jeanne publishes her visual diary on Instagram. From Wales, the photographer captures the country’s luxuriant nature, and produces intimate and delicate portraits. Playing with shadows and lights, she writes elegant stories.

© Lena Jeanne / Instagram


“Duality and versatility”, writes Alvaro Gil, a Mexican photographer, on his Instagram account. Specialising in portraiture, the artist produces aesthetic and surreal sceneries. Posing in bright decors, his models hide with creativity.

© Alvaro Gil / Instagram


Jonas Hafner used a reflex camera for the first time as he was studying medicine in Scotland, during a community service in an institution for disabled persons. Since then, he has specialised in landscape and portrait photography.

© Jonas Hafner / Instagram


“I am a good man”, states Михаил Андреевич in his Instagram bio. This photographer based between Moscow and Saint-Petersburg takes pictures of “people” and teaches image processing.

© Михаил Андреевич / Instagram


Welcome to Michał Bińkiewicz’s strange universe. The Polish artist showcases on Instagram his minimal and mysterious visuals. Architecture, blurred images and poetry dialogue in his gallery, taking us to a dreamy world.

© Michał Bińkiewicz / Instagram

Cover picture: © Alvaro Gil / Instagram