Poetic portraits, summery getaways, trips to a lush nature… The photographers from this Instagram selection invite us to dive into a fresh and peaceful universe. Wait no more, escape!


Trips to foreign lands, nature and poetic collages fill @fifigram’s Instagram gallery. In the pastel universe, reality and imagination blend together to create a fabulous world, illuminated by a radiant sun.

© fifigram / Instagram


This Instagram is like a fresh wind blowing through your smartphones! Karina Broden shares bright and fresh visuals. From San Diego, in California, the photographer builds a colourful and contemplative universe.

© Karina Broden / Instagram


We do not know much about Vladislav Molochniy, a photographer based in Minsk, but we can only admire his splendid gallery of portraits. His images’ bright colours give the models a fantastic aura and turn each visual into a hypnotic artwork.

© Vladislav Molochniy / Instagram


Based in London, Bonnie Doman has been photographing since 2018. Capturing nudes was an evidence from the start. Her Instagram account is filled with self-portraits and poetised bodies placed in a green and comforting environment.

© Bonnie Doman / Instagram


Igor Lazic’s gallery immerse us into a dark and mysterious universe. The director, from Belgrade, Serbia, showcases there his pictures inspired by cinema and strangeness.

© Igor Lazic / Instagram

Cover picture: © Igor Lazic / Instagram