Colourful portraits follow one another in this Instagram selection. An ideal collection to escape and start your summer holiday early!


Róbert Weinraub produces self-portraits and landscapes. Based in Berlin, the photographer creates a poetic and contemplative universe in the heart of nature.

© Róbert Weinraub / Instagram


Portraits, minimal landscapes and surreal sceneries fill Brandon Kaipo Moningka’s Instagram gallery. Working in triptychs, the photographer develops a body of work both aesthetic and intriguing.

© Brandon Kaipo Moningka / Instagram


Welcome to Ludovica De Santis’s thriller. Born in 1991, this Italian artist develops a macabre and dreamlike universe. Inspired by the 7th art, the photographer showcases bloody and cinematic visuals.

© Ludovica De Santis / Instagram


With her film camera, Sophie Joseph roams colourful places and captures joyful faces. Based in Melbourne, the photographer offers us a tour of her dynamic daily routine.

© Sophie Joseph / Instagram


Based in the fashion capital – Paris – Angela Soulier roams the city and collects the most charismatic looks. Her feminine portraits reveal a chic casualness worthy of the trendiest fashion shows.

© Angela Soulier / Instagram

Cover picture: © Ludovica De Santis / Instagram