Foreign or imaginary lands… The photographers from this Instagram selection are inviting us into their exotic or dreamy universe. A welcomed change of scenery.


After growing up in Japan, Sean Hazen moved to Los Angeles. Inspired by his multicultural upbringing, he produces exotic pictures, and elegantly illustrates his trips around the world. A series of soothing images.

© Sean Hazen / Instagram


Warm colours, delicate portraits, pictorial landscapes… Instagramer @tin.tan features, on his digital gallery a dreamy world. His pictures – splendid and colourful – immediately take us on a journey, far from our daily life.

© till.tan / Instagram


From Malaga, Spain, Melania Brescia presents on Instagram her conceptual self-portraits. Inspired by fantasy, she puts on a performance in a fantasised nature, removed from civilisation. An account dedicated to all dreamers.

© Melania Brescia / Instagram


Based in Moscow, Lev Efimov explores the art of portraiture. Feminine faces follow one another, and form a contemplative universe. An Instagram collection to relish like a fresh summer breeze.

© Lev Efimov / Instagram


In black and white and in colour, Noela Roibás’s images question the place of women in society, community and identity. From Spain and based in London, the artist creates visuals where lyricism flows into a more documentary style.

© Noela Roibás / Instagram

Cover picture: © till.tan / Instagram