Between reverie and commitment, this week’s Instagram selection gathers modern and humanitarian bodies of work.


Sébastien, a graphic designer, showcases on Instagram an abstract and personal version of his trips around the world. “Light, light, light…” he writes in his bio. And when it (the light) meets colour, the result is mesmerising!

© Sébastien H / Instagram


Thomas Dziak, alias @lexts is also fond of lights – an essential setting in his sceneries. It supplants men, who remain almost invisible and yet still suggested.

© lexts / Instagram


Kassia, a committed photographer, shares her young and dynamic view on life. Marked by her generation’s values, she uses her own body to broadcast her ideas. A fresh and ethical account.

© Kassia / Instagram


A series of stolen and ephemeral moments… Here, we dive into a poetic and dreamlike world. Each image gives us the freedom to imagine the story we want to be told.

© luminous_kid / Instagram


Jördis Samland blurs boundaries between mediums. Her film and Polaroid photographs seem almost paint like. She shares on her digital gallery abstract and delicate images.

© Jördis Samland / Instagram

Cover picture: © luminous_kid / Instagram