Bright colours and pictures from the past… This week, our Instagram selection will help you tackle the tumult of daily life with lightness and optimism.


Based in California, Jaden Fuhrer takes a trip in the past. His film pictures – which tints have aged – take his followers back to an ancient America. A most vintage account.

© Jaden Fuhrer / Instagram


We do not know much about Saktian Mulyana R, the man behind the account @rodagenic. His colourful universe act as a visual vitamin. A rainbow to enjoy to your heart’s content.

© rodagenic / Instagram


Behind @smodicted is Ilya G, an artist based in Berlin, Germany. Bathed in pink, his visuals are both contemplative and captivating.

© smodicted / Instagram


Welcome to the cinematic world of Marina Mónaco. From Buenos Aires, Argentina, this 23-year-old artist shares on her Instagram gallery images captured during her own shootings. A unique universe that will arouse your curiosity.

© Marina Mónaco / Instagram


Shadows and textures follow one another in this Instagram gallery. Its creator, Heitidi, is not afraid of taking the stage, in frenetic compositions – both dark and poetic.

© heitidisam / Instagram

Cover picture:  © rodagenic / Instagram