Through the art of portraiture, the photographers from this Instagram selection #248 start a reflection on self-acceptance. An ideal collection to reconnect with your body and soul.


Based in Milan, Myriam Tisco reinvents fashion photography in a quirky and elegant universe. Her atypical subjects create a unique atmosphere. The gazes from this collection will not leave you unscathed.

© Myriam Tisbo / Instagram


Maxime Cardol’s images showcase a poetic and assertive vision of sorority. Feminine silhouettes from various backgrounds follow one another and paint a moving picture of femininity. An ode to emancipation and self-acceptance.

© Maxime Cardol / Instagram


Vasily Khraban’s portraits oscillate between dreams and nightmares. Based in Kaliningrad, Russia, the artist suggests different stories with each picture. The striking account will trigger your curiosity.

© Vasiliy Khraban / Instagram


Double-exposure, blending of colours and exploitation of textures… Corentin Schieb captures and distorts the ordinary to reveal poetic images, either real or imaginary.

© Corentin Schieb / Instagram


Between shadow and light, Anne Rivière publishes intriguing and contemplative black and white photographs. She shares with us her examination of identity.

© Anne Rivière / Instagram