Like every Tuesdays, we present to you a few gems we have unearthed for you on Instagram. Now is the time to get inspired!


We do not know much about Lisa Nguyen. Based in Munich, the artist reinvents fashion photography. Her models – cinematic characters – tell delicate stories. A recent Instagram account already full of personality.

© Lisa Nguyen / Instagram


Based in Tbilisi, Georgia, Anna Maghradze builds her own universe. Her collages follow one another and create a visual world set somewhere between dreams and reality. A fantastic and ecstatic account.

© Anna Maghradze / Instagram


Julien Lasota practices digital and film photography and never limits himself to one approach – he is always experimenting. His Instagram account thus become a story with multiple narratives.

© Julien Lasota / Instagram


Keenan’s passion? Street photography. By scrolling his Instagram gallery, we discover a few gems! Quirky moments and light play form a colourful urban canvas.

© keenanrivals / Instagram


Charlotte Gamus is a jack-of-all-trade photographer who dabbles in street, portrait and travel photography. She specialises in the latter – as one can see scrolling her Instagram account. There, she showcases her discoveries – inspired by immersion and sharing.

© Charlotte Gamus / Instagram