Shadows, lightness and street photography… Here is what our Instagram selection #243 has in store for you. A varied collection of images and emotions.


A light breeze blows on Neige Thebault’s account. The photographer shares – along her peregrinations – poetic and sometimes amusing slices of life. A collection of contemplative snapshots.

© Neige Thebault / Instagram


In the life of Esnam La Crowned, otherwise known as @crown00graphy, there is music and photography. On his Instagram account, he usually arranges his visuals ballads in triptychs.

© Esnam La Crowned / Instagram


Based between the United States and Italy, Francesca Forquet showcases colourful street photographs. Many dogs, few people… The artist shares her urban discoveries. A rather comedic account.

© Francesca Forquet / Instagram


As a film student, Jana Andjic shares powerful pictures on her Instagram gallery. Sadness, vanity, anger… The Serbian artist flashes up emotions. A psychological thriller to discover urgently.

© jana.andjic / Instagram


Behind the pseudonym @micheniro, there is a photographer, Michel Awad, who obviously focuses on portraiture. His scenes read as film scripts in which mankind is the hero.

© Michel Awad / Instagram

Cover picture: © Esnam La Crowned / Instagram