The photographers from this Instagram selection all experiment with the medium. Graphic black and white pictures, or snapshots… all the images collected here are designed to help you escape.


Bathing sessions, laughter, joy… all of those can be found in this Instagram account. Australian artist Ryan Brabazon captures moments of life surrounded by beautiful landscapes. A nostalgic and dreamy evasion during quarantine.

© Ryan Brabazon / Instagram


Evan Tetreault clothes his pictures with warm tones. Based in Los Angeles, the photographer features in his digital gallery evanescing moments of beauty. A tender and soothing collection.

© Evan Tetreault / Instagram


Welcome to warallthetime’s visual “prison”. We do not know anything about the photographer hiding behind these analogue pictures. A series of curious images blending carefreeness and daily life.

© warallthetime / Instagram


Photographer and art director Leung Yat Ting is based in Hong Kong. And he needs no introduction – as evidenced by his many collaborations with fashion brands and magazines. Minimal and demanding, his creations are a delight.

© Leung Yat Ting / Instagram


We do not know anything about the photographer known as @enter.v, so we simply immerse ourselves into his Instagram gallery. There, we discover skillful sceneries. The series on sisters might just be one of our favourites.

© enter.v / Instagram

Cover picture: © enter.v / Instagram