The photographers from this Instagram selection hide behind different universes and personalities. However, they are bound by one leitmotiv: telling stories through suspended moments. A soothing and inspiring collection.


“Welcome to my pastel world”, says the photographer hiding behind the pseudonym bambinomuere (Bambi is not dead). Based in Madrid, the artist roams the city’s streets, as well as the beaches of Benidorm, a Spanish seaside resort. A visual dive into an ingenuous universe.

© bambinomuere / Instagram


Grace Kim likes to capture authentic moments telling a story. She shares pictures of her city – Los Angeles – far from the swarms of the crowd. This account invites you to gaze at the world serenely and silently.

© Grace Kim / Instagram


Discrete, the photographer reveals some of his personality through his black and white pictures. Between mystery and a taste for adventure, a certain poetry emanates from this Instagram account.

© arcadidemiguel / Instagram


Jimmy Mac’s two passions? Cinema and photography – as we can see scrolling this American photographer’s Instagram account. Inspired by the world’s beauty, he naturally chose to capture it. A beautiful discovery.

© Jimmy Mac / Instagram


“One less hope, one more photo”, writes Nikita Vasilev in his Instagram bio. This Russian photographer – whom we know nothing about – showcases on his account some of his explorations.

© Nikita Vasilev / Instagram

Cover picture: © Jimmy Mac / Instagram