Geometric, minimalist, or even poetic, this new Instagram selection will awaken your curiosity. A digital and inspiring journey.


Scrolling Daniel’s images, we’re already on a journey. Virtually and spiritually. He opens up a window to a joyful and colourful world. A breath of fresh air in our anxiety inducing daily life.

© daniel.oechsler


Based in British Columbia, Judianne Thomson can’t live without her film camera. Her work can be read as a visual poem dedicated to nature and women. In her pictures, bodies – often naked – blend with the landscapes bordering the Pacific Ocean.

© Judianne Thomson / Instagram


Here, silhouettes hide, transform and end up disappearing. Julia Krämer’s account questions the notion of corporality. The Berliner photographer studying design uses geometry and empty spaces as work tools. An inspiring and minimalist discovery.

© Julia Krämer / Instagram


Street photography has no secret for Forrest Walker. The photographer from Portland, United States, has given himself 5 years to visit more than 100 cities, located in 70 countries. The aim? To document the streets from all around the world – always with a pinch of humour.

© Forrest Walker / Instagram


This photographer based in Poland produces portraits, street, and architecture photographs. On his Instagram account, he mainly showcases his minimalist and powerful creations shot outside.

© Radosław Kaźmierczak / Instagram

Cover picture: © daniel.oechsler / Instagram