Portraits, humour, sweetness… This Instagram selection invites you to let go. Seven accounts to inspire you and tackle this week with serenity.


Feminine portraits and lively gazes fill Arturo Torres’s account. From the United States, the photographer shares his pictures taken with a Polaroid or on film. A charming harmony will infect you while scrolling through his Instagram gallery.

© Arturo Torres / Instagram


Deconstructing bodies. Absurdity in nature. The work of Spanish photographer AnaHell questions our curiosity. Through a satirical approach, the artist presents abstract and comical photographic artworks.

© AnaHell / Instagram


Maria Giulia Costanzo rests under the sun. Whether she remains inside or roams in nature, the Italian photographer based in Milan plays with sunlight. A collection of comforting and stimulating images to look at during winter.

© Maria Giulia Costanzo / Instagram


Digital photography is not a fit for Dan. The German photographer captures moments of life with his analogue camera. A man resting or a grumpy cat… This account is filled with humour and sweetness.

© dan.izel / Instagram


Scrolling through Quentin’s images, we discover his wish to blur boundaries between photography and cinema. His pictures resemble a long silent and motionless film. Indeed, his images remain still, but your imagination will animate them!

© cu.vee / Instagram


Niall Staines is a designer and art director based in Dublin. He has been working in advertising for 9 years, as we can guess while looking at the refined compositions he publishes on Instagram. Sweetness and poetry emanates from these two images symbolising our strange situation.

© Niall Staines / Instagram


Priyanshu Singh only uses his Smartphone to take pictures. The result? Poetic pictures taken in the city where he lives: Varanasi, India. The use of black and white sublimates his travel notebook filled with actions and simplicity.

© Priyanshu Singh / Instagram

Cover picture: © Niall Staines / Instagram