From the American suburbs to wide-open spaces, from the street to nature, the photographers from this Instagram selection #235 draw inspiration from the territories they visit to produce splendid images. A contemplative collection.


Munich-based photographer and musician Tom Doolie presents on Instagram his journeys in foreign lands. Infused with sweet melancholy, his pictorial images illustrate the freedom, nostalgia and poetry born from travelling.

© Tom Doolie / Instagram


Deserted and snowy landscapes, mysterious mist and spectral light are part of Marcin’s photographs. Although we do not know anything about this artist, his collection of lonely views indicate that he is a dreamer.

© _km___1 / Instagram


Sports fan, @bengea_ captures skaters and bike riders. Playing with monochromes and pastel tones, he manages to draw the portrait of a dynamic community – capturing them on film. A fascinating world.

© bengea_ / Instagram


This account will please film photography lovers. Through the young artist’s lens, America seems calmer. Removed from the rhythm of the tumultuous life in big cities, Melchi Dompreh invites us to wander in peace and silence.

© Melchi Dompreh / Instagram


Mountains, beaches, people, and even tanks of gasoline… Kety Duran sublimates her surroundings. This photographer from Barcelona based in Dublin composes a solar and electric universe.

© Kety Duran / Instagram


True master of illusion, Adrian Apo excels in staging scenes. One of his favourite subjects? Clouds. The Polish photographer conceives fictional images, leaving you free to write your own version of events.

© Adrian Apo / Instagram


Welcome to the world of Tristan, a photographer partial to black and white. He brings together on Instagram poetic and dark experimentations. One thing we know for sure: his compositions are inspiring.

© Tristan / Instagram