Somnambulists and travellers, lovers of architecture and portraiture… The Instagramers from our selection #234 are inviting us into their worlds. A most inspiring collection!


Based in Amsterdam, Jeroen Peters is obsessed with architectural photography. He focuses on straight, curvy, round, colourful lines – a minimalist and easy-to-shape environment.

© Jeroen Peters / Instagram


Mysterious Instagramer from South Korea, @edomrode specialises in portraiture. Working carefully on her sceneries, she turns her photoshoots into theatrical performances, giving rise to amusing and entertaining fictions.

© edomrode / Instagram


Jay Basha’s images change according to wherever the photographer travels. This account gathers as many colour palettes as wandered cities. A miscellaneous and fanciful travel notebook.

© Jay Basha / Instagram


We don’t know anything about Mainak Bose, however, by scrolling their Instagram account, we surmise their love for the nocturnal world. Illuminated by glowing sunsets, or the neon lights of restaurants, his landscapes – either wild or urban – turn into fantastic sceneries.

© Mainak Bose / Instagram


When the night comes, Leandros Savvides gets his camera and roams the streets of Nicosia, Cyprus. Whether he’s standing in a closed space or under the rain, the photographer captures with poetry the nocturnal lights – neon or traffic lights, or simply the sky.

© Leandros Savvides / Instagram


“Don’t tell anyone that I can’t sleep”, warns Donny Alpiana Rizky in his biography. His Instagram gallery reveals his insomniac roaming. In this blueish universe, dreams and reality blend together. A collection of dark scenes – as mysterious as they are poetic.

© Donny Alpiana Rizky / Instagram

Based in Marseille, French photographer Valentin Antonuccio has many passions: graphic design, cinema and music. Three medias which inspire his images, obviously.

© Valentin Antonucci / Instagram

Cover picture: © Jay Basha / Instagram