Enchanting sceneries and mundane moments distill magic and mystery in this Instagram selection #231. A collection of seven accounts that will inspire you!


Crumbled walls, patched up barbed wire, burst tyres… Darío Toscano’s universe is unusual. Based in Madrid, the photographer turns graceless situations into minimal images. He manages to transform the unsightly into charming paintings.

© Darío Toscano / Instagram


The fashion world fascinated Laura Granados Lafuente, a photographer based in London. As we discover her portraits, we quickly understand that she cultivates a certain taste for absurdity. Her models, placed in strange positions, redefine beauty.

© Laura Granados Lafuente


Nocturnal scenes, geometrical sceneries and lonely characters inhabit Ferdonio Damanik’s creations. By mixing digital and photographic creations, he reveals his love for staging and a pronounced taste for mystery. A deliciously thrilling gallery.

© Ferdonio Damanik


“​Since childhood I have been enthusiastic about visual art, and have worn my creativity like a hereditary symbol”, says Cris J Rey. Melancholic romances, minimal scenes and play on light all dialogue on his Instagram. A refined and elegant collection.

© Cris J Rey / Instagram


“Blowin’ in the wind”, write Maxime Bastide in his bio. And this is exactly how we fell when scrolling down his account. His film pictures act like visual caresses. A soothing break under a breeze inviting us to reverie.

© Maxime Bastide / Instagram


Based in Moscow, Алиса Полозова likes to experiment. She captures faces, bodies or even shadows with elegance and originality. An artist for whom the gaze of an author and fashion photography make one.

© Алиса Полозова / Instagram


Chicago Art Institute graduate Anthony Presley is a night owl. When he does not capture the nocturnal life in Memphis, where he lives, the photographer travels to Japan. A luminous roaming.

© Anthony Presley / Instagram

Cover picture: © Алиса Полозова / Instagram