The seven photographers from our Instagram selection #229 are storytellers. Whether they travel to the edge of the world or invent fantastic universes, they all come together to inspire us.


Steven Clouse is a freelance photographer based in Los Angeles. Through his sweet and colourful pictures, he delivers a visual tale of what he calls “this normal life”. Characters shot on the spot, buildings and pastel skies… Here’s an ode to happiness.

© Steven Clouse / Instagram


Whenever Natalie isn’t travelling around the globe, she lives between Scotland and Paris. In her suitcases are a camera and several films, always. She gathers on her Instagram account tender and poetic visuals.

© ofheryears / Instagram


Brian Gahan is a mysterious artist – just like his photographs. Let us dive head first into a phantasmagorical universe made of analogue canvas. And discover female portraits taken in sublime and absurd situations.

© Brian Gahan / Instagram


Director, writer and photographer, Shaun James Grant captures action through his productions. He snatches his followers with dark colours and intense, sometimes carefree gazes. This multi-talented artist signs vintage portraits.

© Shaun James Grant / Instagram


Dan Ramirez is a young photographer playing with our perceptions of reality. With a childish grace, he turns the nocturnal world into his playground, where dreamlike images blend together.

© Dan Ramirez / Instagram


Welcome to Ajani Charles’ universe. A post-apocalyptical world featuring dark horizons and glowing silhouettes. Inspired by cinema, the photographers gives his images a hypnotic depth, inviting his followers to immerse themselves in this futuristic space.

© Ajani Charles / Instagram

Strangeness and street, or rather the strangeness of streets. Rafet Ertuğrul is a photographer based in Ankara, Turkey who shares his photographs on his Instagram gallery. And among them, are a few rare gems.

© Rafet Ertuğrul / Instagram

Cover picture: © Ajani Charles / Instagram