Delicate landscapes, sensitive portraits, or roaming astronauts… The seven photographers of this Instagram selection #224 capture beauty – or strangeness – in their daily lives.


Nicolette Passerello practices Polaroid as well as film photography. She publishes on her Instagram account her double exposure and other graceful moments. Because this is what she wants to capture: the beauty and delicacy surrounding us.

© Nicolette Passerello / Instagram


“I seek a balance between a certain tenderness combined with the intensity of an image”, Denis Boulze says. This young French photographer presents on Instagram his commissions as well as his personal work. Mastering the art of composition, he produces dreamlike pictures.

© Denis Boulze / Instagram


“We don’t just read history. No. We make it. And here’s mine”, says the photographer hiding behind @bartonsup. Besides shooting only with his iPhone, he comments every one of his images. A fascinating discovery!

© bartonsup / Instagram


Director and photographer Marcella Zanki combines on her account her two favourite media. By playing with aesthetics, she paints a large palette of emotions: from joy to nostalgia to anxiety. A surprising gallery.

© Marcella Zanki / Instagram


“Delicate” I how one may describe Liam Warton’s photographs. Whether he plays with soft focus, double exposures or contrasts, the artist always manages to produces elegant creations. A collection of pictures that will delight budding poets.

© Liam Warton / Instagram


While we do not know anything about @___matej, this mysterious artist publishes on Instagram unique images. Obviously inspired by science-fiction and urban poetry, the photographer places astronauts on Earth, looking for fantasy in everyday life.

© ___matej / Instagram


Emma is fascinated by streets and mankind, as we can see in the street photos showcased in her Instagram gallery. An urban roaming that will please the street photographer in you!

© Emma / Instagram

Cover picture: © ___matej / Instagram