Whether they create images anchored in reality or inspired by dreams, the photographers from this Instagram selection #222 invite us to let our imagination run wild – far from the winter cold.


Is it a dream or reality? One may wonder by scrolling through Lauren Naylor’s Instagram account. The goal of this photographer based in Los Angeles is to create a unique beauty. To do so, she imagines several scenes. Here, a stair leading nowhere, and there, a delicate portrait. A gallery Instagram carrying numerous fictions.

© Lauren Naylor / Instagram


Photographer Kefan Weng is interested in different perceptions and representations of reality. On his Instagram account, surreal set-ups and dreamy places blend with simple images of a sleeping city. By playing with scales and lights, the artist turns into an unreliable yet captivating narrator.

© kefan404 / Instagram


If we were to use two words to describe @iamp3e’s account, which ones would they be? Travel, and a special attention to texture. We don’t know anything about this Instagram’s owner, and yet, we can’t help but feel inspired.

© iamp3e / Instagram


Scrolling through @mykeyin’s account is like diving into nature, in a pastoral universe. The photographer behind these images proves one thing: the environment might very well take back its rights.

© mykeyin / Instagram


Instagram @Pinkman specialises in the art of portraiture. Based in Korea, the photographer directs several models, multiplying atmospheres and aesthetics. Whether she shoots with her flash on, capturing fleeting moments, or produces refined pictures, a delicate nostalgia emanates from each of her images.

© rara_pinkman / Instagram


Welcome to the cinematic universe of Peter Drastrup, a Danish photographer. Neon lights, blueish landscapes and mysterious silhouettes blend together in his images, like many introductions to captivating narratives. Feel free to get on with us!

© Peter Drastrup / Instagram


“Unworn” may refer to many things, but it is also the name of this oh so fascinating Instagram account. Surreal and mysterious, the unknown artist has built a universe invite us to vagrancy.

© unworn / Instagram

Cover picture: © iamp3e / Instagram