Urban explorations, atypical portraits and exotic landscapes… The photographers from the Instagram selection #220 takes us far away from the autumn cold. A collection of inspiring images.


It is hard to resist the idyllic and refined landscapes of Thiago Quiuque, an artist partial to minimal photography. A beautiful universe making us long to travel and embracing a zen attitude.

© Thiago Quiuque / Instagram


Mathieu Maury specialises in portraiture. By using his flash or natural light, producing strange or minimalist scenes, the photographer reveals the many nuances of human beings. Each image thus becomes an incursion into his models’ imagination.

© Mathieu Maury / Instagram


Originally from Finland and now based in London, Maria Lax builds a universe at the edges of the fantastic world. Whether she captures people of landscapes, her mastery of light turns all her creations into mysterious canvas.

© maria_lax_ / Instagram


Though he lives in Brooklyn, Frédéric Lagrange travels all over the world to photograph exotic territories. Always seeking the perfect light, this globetrotter produces pictorial images, reminiscent of the painting of Dutch masters.

© Frédéric Lagrange / Instagram


Another photographer who is always playing with lines and paying attention to his composition. Andreas Jorgensen illustrates, with his street photographs, a graphic and colourful urban journey.

© Andreas Jorgensen / Instagram


Handsonlin, a Chinese independent photographer, is developing great creative skills, as we can see on his Instagram gallery. Street photography of foggy atmospheres, he doesn’t let anything stop him, for the greatest pleasure of his followers, in search of inspiration.

© Handsonlin / Instagram


“I think my best shot should be the next one…” writes Moises Levy, an architect based in Mexico, on his Instagram account. However, the street photographer has already proven his worth! His almost 50,000 followers are proofs of it. “Perspective changes everything in life”, he then adds. An observation we can’t help sharing as we scroll through his gallery.

© Moises Levy / Instagram

Cover picture: © Moises Levy / Instagram