Just like every Tuesdays, we’ve picked out seven Instagram accounts for you. Feeling uninspired? Check them out now!


Apparition and disappearance are among photographer and professor Enric Montes’s favourite themes. Looking at his pictures, a feeling of well-being and tranquility emerges. Did he manage to stop time?

© Enric Montes / Instagram


Based in California, Jake Inez specialises in film photography. Fascinated by cars, he captures them in a retro-looking urban space. Throughout his compositions, pastel tones and stark contrasts merge together, to form one cinematic patchwork.

© Jake Inez / Instagram


Eric T. White likes to “experiment with the possibilities and the limits of the medium”. By playing with water, mirrors and their reflection, the artist creates absurd scenes, turning his models into fascinating creatures.

© Eric T. White / Instagram


Kadiya Qasem’s creations showcase the artist’s interest in nature and texture. Her Instagram gallery forms a peaceful promenade, where she presents her favourite themes: alterity, memory, identity or even desire.

© Kadiya Qasem / Instagram


“An eternal research of myself”, is how Elena Cremona defines photography. Fascinated by men, the artist tries to highlight them to sublimate them. Her quest also leads her to the outside world, where she captures inspiring landscapes.

© Elena Cremona


Rossina Abril is obsessed by mankind. The photographer presents on Instagram her numerous portraits, illustrating a patchwork of emotions. Conceptual, absurd or merely mysterious, her images seem to capture her models’ states of mind. A most poetic gallery.

© Rossina Abril / Instagram


Welcome to @chrono_naut’s universe. A dark and delicate world, filled with refined chiaroscuros. Whether they capture landscapes or portraits, the photographer sublimates their subjects with light. This mysterious Instagram gallery is the birthplace of numerous stories.

© chrono_naut / Instagram