The fictional power of photography is no myth. Neither is its revealing prowess. This Instagram selection #218 is the perfect example of such strength, and will guide you through imaginary limbo.


From Berlin, Kolja Eckert is particularly fond of portraiture. Her knowledge of depth and subtle scenography highlight her subjects. While beauty is a subjective notion, there is no question she is searching it.

© Kolja Eckert / Instagram


In his pictures, Clinton Jones showcases fragments of reality, sometimes overlapping fiction. Based in California, he specialises in visual effects. Familiar with social networks, he has been sharing his work with a clear conscience of the possibilities of today’s communication.

© Clinton Jones / Instagram


@sammysoju presents an enigmatic world on Instagram. A timeless setting, lit by strange neon lights and filled with old television posts. By scrolling through his gallery, we dive into a delirious universe, a hallucinated journey to the borders of insomnia.

© sammysoju / Instagram


Vianditya Dewanata defines himself as a “visual storyteller”. Inspired by the nocturnal world, he walks through the streets of big cities searching for the right light and the most poetic moments. A collection of images as dark as they are colourful – ephemeral tales of a dreamy roaming.

© Vianditya Dewanata / Instagram


Gabriel Guerrero Caroca, a mysterious Instagram user, unveils, on his social media, a dreamy and monochrome universe. Misty landscapes, lonely portraits and strange scenes punctuate his gallery. A visual journal capturing the ballads of a poet in the making.

© Gabriel Guerrero Caroca / Instagram


Lukas Vasilikos has been a photographer since 2006 and is based in Athens, Greece. When is does not capture social issues – he has documented the Greek crisis – he photographs the streets. A dark and elegant introspection.

© Lukas Vasilikos / Instagram


We do not know much about Spanish artist Joakkin. In his street pictures, he likes to play with contrasts, nuances and silhouettes. The light in his images reveals as much as hides things. A form of roaming opening the door to interpretation, and, at the same time, to fictional imagery.

© Joakkin / Instagram

Cover picture: © Joakkin / Instagram