Sweet reveries and mysterious scenes compose this Instagram selection #217. A peaceful collection, helping us forget about the autumn cold and escape for a little while.


Based in Stockholm, Märta Thisner produces commissions and personal projects with the same originality. Taken with a flash on, her images reflect a strange reality, as amusing as it is charming. By playing with bodies and proportions, she reinvents beauty and supports a liberated fashion photography.

© Märta Thisner / Instagram


To all globetrotters out there, Romano Ceccatelli’s Instagram account is made for you. Taken on film, his pictures capture wild landscapes where lost souls roam. Tainted with a sweet melancholy, his gallery seem to encourage us to travel to faraway lands.

© Romano Ceccatelli / Instagram


Besides cinema and video, Tatiana Saavedra also practices photography. A nice discovery taking us into a poetic universe, where bodies stand in harmony with nature.

© Tatiana Saavedra / Instagram


Welcome to Houssam Eddine Gorfti’s universe. This photographer based in Casablanca turn his camera into a tool to capture dreams. His creations – aerial and metaphorical scenes – turn our world into an imaginary territory, with endless possibilities.

© Houssam Eddine Gorfti / Instagram


We do not know much about the photographer hiding behind the pseudonym @javigarciastreet. Between urban landscapes, random encounters, and natural horizons, he seizes the reality of everyday life and creates dreamlike, almost pictorial moods.

© javigarciastreet / Instagram


Foggy atmospheres are trending on social media. Those created by Chile-based photographer Felipe OA are thick, and form uncertain spaces, from where anything might emerge: a ghost ship, or roaming silhouettes. But whatever subjects he focuses on, it is most often light which suddenly springs.

© Felipe OA / Instagram


Artist David Egan is already an experienced photographer. With a photography diploma from the San Fransisco Academy of Art, he works both in colour and black and white. His discarnate images are reminiscent of the heritage of New Topographics, thus revealing men tracks in landscapes.

© David Egan / Instagram

Cover picture: © Tatiana Saavedra / Instagram