Portraits, couples, manufactured products, habitat and destruction… This Instagram selection is just like us: diverse. These images are as beautiful as they are plural. Welcome!


From Ukraine, Marta Sykro specialises in fashion photography and cinematic settings. Influenced by painting, the artist showcases on Instagram her elegant creations, mixing a thirst for freedom and wild intimacy. A remarkable collection.

© Marta Syrko / Instagram


“Public intimacy”, this oxymoron written on Karel Chladek’s Instagram sums up his creations. Shooting in the semi-darkness of parties, the photographer captures encounters, moments of abandon and sensual embraces. A voyeuristic journey into the night world.

© Karel Chladek / Instagram


We don’t know anything about Caner Aşkın, so let us all journey into her universe, where nature has taken back its rights and seems to live in harmony with mankind. An account that just celebrated its first birthday and will definitely inspire you!

© Caner Aşkın / Instagram


We hardly know anything about the person revealing their images’ radicalness. Although, gathered in a controlled construction, they develop a will which, through light, goes straight to the heart.

© Christopher Coucill / Instagram


From Rouen, France, Jonathan Bertin travels all around the world and turn his Instagram into a travel notebook. The United States, Hong Kong, Portugal or even Latvia… Each territory becomes the setting of mysterious tales. A poetic journey in faraway lands.

© Jonathan Bertin / Instagram


“A soul’s reflection”, a phrase easy to write, and yet so hard to convey through photography. Often found in Lionel Buffe’s images, this duality describes our relationships. We do not know much about this photographer from the Hauts-de-France region, but like his homeplace, his pictures unite.

© Lionel Buffe / Instagram



Besides being a specialist in Earth sciences, Kimura Noriaki is also a photographer. And he owns two Instagram accounts. The first is dedicated to colour images, and the other to his monochrome work. We’re focusing on the latter today. There, we discover dreamlike landscapes and timeless figures.

© Kimura Noriaki / Instagram

Cover picture: © Lionel Buffe / Instagram