Reveries, mysteries and surrealism inhabit this Instagram selection #214. A collection of captivating galleries, reminiscent of a past summer or inviting the cold of a coming winter.


In photographic practices, collage can be considered as a full domain. We hardly know anything about this artist, only that through his creations, Kenzie Adams creates his own universe and combines time and space.

© Kenzie Adams / Instagram


The portraits of Jake Wangner, a photographer based in Dallas, deform beings and install an atmosphere filled with unique figures. To him, his images are like windows to his mind, define him as an artist and represent his love for the medium.

© Jake Wanger / Instagram


Retro, artistic or surrealist, Alexandre Schild’s portraits convey many emotions. By playing with atmospheres and aesthetics, the photographer reveals on his Instagram account a sensual and timeless universe, taking the shape of a mosaic of intimate moments.

© Alexandre Schild / Instagram


Brigita Ercegovic’s summery and mysterious universe transports the viewers of her Instagram gallery into another time and space. The photographer is able to capture the invisible: the shimmering of the sun on waves, or the curves shadows create on an apartment wall. A poetic and delicate account.

© Brigita Ercegovic / Instagram


Indian photographer Ashmit Galav merges dream and reality with elegance. Sometimes romantic, sometimes abstract, his images illustrate the beauty of the world and its infinite mysteries. A few poems and quotes complete the pictures here and there, turning this gallery into an enchanting place.

© Ashmit Galav / Instagram


Karl A. Herrmann’s Instagram features a collection of jerky images, transporting us from the familiarity of known forms to the uncertain modification of space. Trained as an architect, the German photographer uses movements as stands of his plastic creations.

© Karl A. Herrmann / Instagram


Welcome to Michał Szewczak’s dark universe. In his images, the neon lights shine on the deserted cities with colourful beams, turning our world into a post-apocalyptic territory. Taken with an analogue camera, his pictures become organic, dressed with a mysterious grain. A rather cinematic account.

© Michał Szewczak / Instagram

Cover picture © Michał Szewczak / Instagram