For this new Instagram selection, you might have thought we would focus once more on travel photography. But as autumn comes, let the images freeze time, reminding us of summer moments and creating lonely dreams.


Summer sun, bathers and kids play, @juvendarosamaria’s account feels like holiday. By alternating between staged scenes and spontaneous moments, the photographer builds a playful universe, as sensual as it is unique. A charming gallery.

© juvendarosamaria / Instagram


Designer Graeme Haunholter is fascinated by the structures of urban spaces. His minimal and colourful gallery sublimates the buildings of metropoles, revealing small details to his subscribers. An account dedicated to the fans of architectural photography.

© graemehaunholter / Instagram


Photographer Brandon Wong, based in London, chose to document the city’s streets. He cultivates a special love for light and shadows, the use of colour and the abstract elements which are often hidden in our daily lives.

© Brandon Wong / Instagram


We do not know anything about the mysterious owner of @swhnj_rthsr’s account. By scrolling through his gallery, however, we discover his love for poetry and his talent for portraits. His models – all of them women – take up the rooms, in strange positions, playing with the background and revealing their grace.

© swhnj_rthsr / Instagram


@omidzavvar is one mysterious Iranian photographer. One thing we know for sure? He captures his country with a documentary and contemporary eye, capturing an Iran between tradition and modernity.

© omidzavvar / Instagram


Through images most often captured during his travels, Lucas Cerri seizes moments in unique atmospheres. Staged or spontaneous, light or dark scenes… often, a strange ambiance prevails.

© Lucas Cerri / Instagram


Korean-American photographer Branden Lee likes vibrations, whether they are coming from neon lights we can almost hear crackling, or from the fury of the city’s movements. By scrolling through his images, we also notice self-portraits, filtered by glass and plastic. A collection of spectral moments.

© Braden Lee / Instagram

Cover picture: © swhnj_rthsr