Wether anchored in cities or lost in nature, from a mundane reality to poetic atmospheres, the photographers of this Instagram selection share a contemporary vision of their art. A guided tour of our times.


Whether in cities or nature, night or day, more than images, Sandro Katalina captures atmospheres. The Danish photographer explains: “To me, photography is related to atmosphere, mostly created by rain and fog.”

© Sandro Katalina / Instagram


Filipino-American photographer Ryan Razon is currently based in New Jersey. He publishes on Instagram a visual notebook, capturing his wondering – travels and rambles in his everyday life. A mosaic of delicate and timeless moments.

© Ryan Razon / Instagram


We hardly know anything about Evan Murphy. Obviously inspired by fashion photography, his images oscillate between a poetic imaginary world and a contemporary reality. He thus draws a portrait of modern youth.

© Evan Murphy / Instagram


From Finland, Lasse Erkola is fascinated by Japanese culture. His dark and cinematic pictures sublimate the urban landscapes from the land of the rising sun. A train speeding through, a video game room or a small street restaurant become the settings of a mysterious tale.

© Lasse Erkola / Instagram


Exotic landscapes and everyday poetry fill the Instagram gallery of Jessica Foley. The photographer based in Brooklyn captures her journeys to faraway lands with a certain tenderness. A most intriguing visual diary.

© Jessica Foley / Instagram


Femininity inspires Harry Chiu, a photographer based in Shanghai. By playing with shadow ans light, he turns his models’ bodies into elegant works of art. A collection of mysterious yet refined scenes.

© Harry Chiu / Instagram


George Koutsouvelis, a self-taught photographer and Robert Doisneau fan was born in Greece in 1974. When he shoots, he is more interested in capturing the subject’s touch and atmosphere, rather than merely capturing an event. He also builds a melancholic fiction as his character wanders.

© George Koutsouvelis / Instagram

Cover picture : © Ryan Razon / Instagram