September has always been about going back to school. In this time of year, the classical themes of photography seem to make a comeback as well. Cinema, femininity, or fashion still inspire the talented photographer of this Instagram selection #209. A mysterious yet captivating collection.


Matt Lawrence, a documentary photographer based in Los Angeles produces images “highlighting the everyday aesthetic of an aging generation”. By lovingly capturing his environment, he builds a pictorial universe, filled with sensitivity and nostalgia.

© Matt Lawrence / Instagram

© arnaud.ele

In his images, Arnaud Ele combines origins and questions the notion of identity. The Swiss-Cameroonian photographer, mostly inspired by fashion, also uses his film knowledge to compose his visual identity. A series of pictures combining codes without compromising the artist’s integrity.

© Arnaud Ele / Instagram


Inspired by the aesthetics of the 1990s, Alessio Granara presents on Instagram a retro and cinematic gallery. As he plays with contrasts, create carefully organised compositions, and take on many themes, the photographer creates a mysterious and dramatic space.

© Alessio Granara / Instagram

The 22-year-old Ireland based photographer Leon Forristal defines himself as a “speculator and visual maker”. His images, a mix of portraits and landscapes lit by strange lights, turn reality into an ambiguous space, flirting with our imagination. A captivating gallery.

© Leon Forristal / Instagram


Anayancy Gonzalez’s universe seem to combine modern codes and images borrowed from our collective imaginary. Among her bling portraits and her gleaming chromes, she also plays with stereotyped representations of a youth brought up by the glazed paper of fashion and American TV shows.

© Anayancy Gonzalez / Instagram


We hardly know anything about the artist posting under the pseudonym of @theboywhocriedwulf. But his images show a mastery of styles. From minimalism to cinematic references, his pictures act as tales, with a preference for the sad clown figure.

© theboywhocriedwulf / Instagram


Shannon Tomasik, an artist based in Michigan, sublimates the female body. Whether in colours or in black and white, she builds delicate and disturbing settings. Either hidden or right in front of the camera, her models always seem to question the notion of sensuality.

© shannontomasik / Instagram