By inviting mystery, surrealism or even fiction in their images, the photographers from this Instagram selection #207 boggle our minds. A beautiful way to escape from our daily routine.


Photographer and designer Alexander Sattler is fascinated by minimalism. His pastel images capture the beauty of American spaces. Whether he photographs urban or wild landscapes, mankind seems withdrawn – either remaining anonymous or completely absent.

© Alex Sattler / Instagram


Welcome to the strange universe of Evan Parsons, a photographer based between Los Angeles and Vancouver. A world where reality and imagination intertwine. Here, amusing and poetic scenes coexist, and seem to initiate dozens of stories.

© Evan Parsons / Instagram


At only 18, Nikita Shuchukin reveals, on Instagram, a most unique universe. Romanticism, mystery and loneliness inhabit this photographer’s account. Images inspired by fashion and painting. A beautiful discovery.

© Nikita Shchukin / Instagram


Hugo López, a photographer based in Guadalajara, Mexico, specialises in portraiture. By playing with natural light, the artist gives a romantic dimension to his images, sublimating his models. A rather elegant and mysterious gallery.

© Hugo A. López / Instagram


Please, come inside the virtual gallery of Alper Goldenberg, a promising student. By scrolling through his Instagram account, we travel to London, Paris or Istanbul. His journeys are as fascinating as they are inspiring.

© Alper Goldenberg / Instagram


The coast, fishing trips, dining with friends by the sea… All common holiday activities. But nighttime gives those moments a particular atmosphere. We lost our marks, and Jordi Flores’s images become surrealist fictions.

© Jordi Flores / Instagram


Photographer Murat Harmalikli leads his camera in the streets of Turkish cities. In a sometimes abstract monochrome, he discretely captures moments of everyday life, passers-by, and produces surprising portraits of children.

© Murat Harmanlikli / Instagram

Image d’ouverture : © Nikita Shchukin / Instagram