These are the last weeks of summer. While some leave happily on holiday, others reluctantly come back home. This Instagram selection welcomes you either way, between sweet dreamy journeys and dark and thrilling atmospheres. Whichever road you take, travel safe!


“In 2015 we saved all our pennies, sold everything we owned and bought a one-way ticket around the world! Spending 7 months together exploring the world, we documented our travels” explains Nathan Landers. Today, his partner and him have completely integrated photography in their lives.

© Nathan Landers / Instagram


Pick nicks by the sea, sun and Mediterranean landscapes… There is no doubt that this Catalan photographer’s Instagram account feels like summer. A delicate gallery featuring beautiful views and charming portraits.

© Joan Diví / Instagram


Travel photographs and minimal architecture fill the Instagram gallery of Thierry Leroy, an art director and designer. Their common trait? Human presence – adding a poetic, elegant or comical dimension to each picture. A one-of-a-kind account.

© Thierry Leroy / Instagram


Canadian photographer Anojan Satha likes dark atmospheres. Those moments where night and light create together in uncertain spaces. But far from staying in darkness, Satha also plays with elements and compositions to capture images oscillating between dreamy and fantastical universes.

© Anojan Satha / Instagram


Italian photographer Lorenzo Catena originally studied architecture. He now builds scenes played in small theatres – both real and imaginary. In his pictures hides a disturbing presence, like a sweet nightmare stirring our collective imaginary.

© Lorenzo Catena / Instagram


There is a Lynchesque atmosphere in the images of Los Angeles-based photographer @ahnolo. We don’t know much about this artist, member of the Slow Light Collective. He likes taking close shots of his subjects, and using a strong flash which highlights their surprise and the curious situations he captures.

© ashnolo / Instagram


Sasha Gusov is known for his portraits of the Bolchoï ballet, which he has photographed for over 25 years. But the Russian photographer does not only capture the dance rooms and great theatres of the world. He also uses his camera in the street, during his travels, capturing bizarre, even comical instants of life.

@ Sasha Gusov / Instagram

Cover picture @ Sasha Gusov / Instagram