Freud said that “dreaming is the royal path to the unconscious”. Here is an Exquisite Corpse game made of travels and dreams, brought to you by Fisheye. Relax and let us guide you through the limbs of a dreamy Instagram selection.


In his pictures, Alberto Selvestral jungles with plans. With pastel tones, he captures the arid landscapes of his homeland, Italy. This young artist of 23 just published his series Link, where the images come from.

© albertoselvestrel / Instagram


“Sometimes, I see things”, write Gerard Bosch, a graphic designer and art director from Barcelona. This enigmatic sentence fits his photographic approach perfectly. Minimal and unique, his images reveal details and sublimate the texture of each element.

© Gerard Bosch / Instagram


Tom Craig’s photography is inspired by travel and storytelling. His colourful and luminous pictures showcase faraway lands and bohemian models. Each of his creations spread excitation and lightness. A summery account.

© Tom Craig / Instagram


Through his images, Fikri Amanda Abubakar summons poetry. @fishide_ puts a cloud, a mirror, a burning umbrella into phantasmagorical environments and rooms with strange perspectives. A surrealist account.

© fishide_ / Instagram


Body and space are two subjects Tamara Lichtenstein holds close to her heart, as we can see on her Instagram. Her subjects, more or less stripped, tell scraps of life.

© Tamara Lichtenstein / Instagram


Here’s an Instagram account dedicated to dreamers. @ivory__skies’s images showcase dreamy characters and deserted settings. By alternating between colour and black and white, the mysterious photographer invites imaginary into their images.

© ivory__skies / Instagram


Merel Schoneveld is a street photographer based in The Hague, Netherlands. “Capturing and collecting moments from the lives of total strangers has become quite an obsession. The challenge of finding something interesting (to me) in the most mundane moments is really exciting”, she explains on her website. A surrealist discovery.

© Merel Schoneveld / Instagram

Image d’ouverture © Alberto Selvestrel