This Instagram selection #199 is in full holiday mode. Travels, beaches, exotic vibes, urban wanderings… Come aboard with these 7 photographers.


Eva Erdmann is a photographer specialised in children and travel photography. Obviously strongly inspired by India, we discover on her Instagram account majestic pictures of a country she resides in regularly.

© Eva Erdmann / Instagram


Coming from Berlin, Vianne Fanion presents a collection of intimate images taken in film photography. Travels, tenderness and portraits blend together and form a set as exotic as it is poetic. An account that calls for vacation.

© Vianne Fanion / Instagram


Jalan and Jibril Durimel present themselves as “brothers from an island not very close”. A cryptic bio that hides a real talent. Inspired by the aesthetics of fashion, the photographers sublimate their models with defiance and originality. A set of creations in pictorial tones of great delicacy.

© Jalan & Jibril Durimel / Instagram


What a beautiful discovery the account of mysterious @_jautz is. An artist that practices street photography and that keeps “learning everyday”. Such interesting wanderings.

© jautz / Instagram


The filmmaker Lazar Bogdanović considers himself a sort of kidnapper. “I pursue the perfect moment, the raw emotion, and then I steal it”. By seeking those human elements and other visual metaphors, he tries to “say what is difficult to communicate”.

© Lazar Bogdanović / Instagram


Director of photography based in Texas, Peter Simonite likes to capture landscapes and cinematographic moments. Imposing and mysterious, his pictures stretch over time and offer a captivating story to the viewer.

© Peter Simonite / Instagram


Joakim Möller masters black and white as well as street photography. We know nothing from him, but we already like him a lot. His audacious and aesthetic compositions will inspire you!

© Joakim Möller / Instagram