Minimalism, retro, street photography… Discover the seven accounts of our Instagram selection #197 to get inspired!


Carla Step is a Barcelona based photographer. Portraits and landscapes intertwine in her Instagram gallery, forming an exotic universe. Her cream-coloured deserted views and the delicate skin of her subjects complete each other beautifully.

© Carla Step / Instagram


Photographer and filmmaker Lou Escobar produces sublime and retro staged scenes. Her models, whose accessories and clothes seem to come straight out of a film from the 70s, are vintage and sexy. A photographer with a fascinating imagination.

© Lou Escobar / Instagram


Here is a photographer fascinated by architecture. Jeanette Hägglund, aka etna_11, specialises in geometric and minimalist imagery. By playing with lines and colours, she turns buildings into abstract paintings.

© Jeanette Hägglund / Instagram


Specialising in street photography, George Natsioulis, based in Greece, presents on his Instagram, a sample of his urban roaming. Strange and contrasted, his images turn the silhouettes of passers-by into art, against the colourful walls of the city.

© George Natsioulis / Instagram


“Enjoy the journey, it’s worth it”, D Wright simply tells his followers. This street photographer uploads his urban pilgrimages on his Instagram account. A source of inspiration for the photographers who seek great lighting and original compositions.

© DWright / Instagram


Besides being a writer and a film director, Parker Hill is also a photographer. Three specialties that can be found by scrolling through the images in her gallery. Each picture feels like the beginning of a story that has yet to unfold.

© Parker Hill / Instagram


Matt Dunlap states he is “struck with photo fever” on his Instagram. Fascinated by the nocturnal world, the photographer likes to capture lights and urban spaces. Colourful neon lights and blazing sunsets light his cinematic images. A rather mysterious account.

© Matt Dunlap / Instagram

Cover picture © Parker Hill / Instagram