This week, we have picked several visual tales for our Instagram selection #196. Seven accounts to get inspired!


Traveller or dreamer? One may wonder, when looking at Anderson Wright’s images. Cuba, India, the United States… He shares with his followers his journeys, his vision of the world and moments of daily life. An Instagram account that will please the suckers for adventures.

© Anderson Wright / Instagram


“I love capturing simple, raw moments. Growing up with an American mom and a Peruvian dad really taught me to admire culture, differences, and the need to find beauty wherever I am”, Bran Santos explains on his Instagram account. A collection of organic images.

© Bran Santos / Instagram


The mysterious @stocktoon is a photographer and graphic designer based in Iceland. On Instagram, he reveals a surreal universe. Whether he captures strange characters lost in nature or minimal landscapes, he transforms each of his pictures into a beautiful riddle.

© stocktoon / Instagram

Apart from his location – New York – we do not know much about Will Luo, aka Will FM. His gallery, composed of psychedelic portraits and landscapes, evokes the turmoil and uniqueness of the American city. A poetic and sparkling Instagram.

© / Instagram


“I’m homesick for a place I’m not even sure exists, so I create small surrealistic pieces of art”, Gohsha writes on her Instagram account. A great opportunity to discover her mood board, made of double exposure.

© Gohsha / Instagram


Davide Caravona is a young photographer born in Sicily, in 1995. He has chosen to specialise in nocturnal landscape photography. Starry skies, bright moons and purple clouds fill his pictures. Here’s an account made for dreamers.

© Davide Carovana / Instagram


Geoffrey Yahya Vargas, videographer and photographer, exhibits on his Instagram gallery captivating and sensual images. The French artist’s portraits, most of them tinged with a red and mysterious light, reveal his models’ vulnerability. A melancholic and dreamlike universe filled with emotion.

© Geoffrey Yahya Vargas / Instagram

Cover picture © Anderson Wright / Instagram