On Tuesdays, meetup on Instagram with Fisheye. Surrealism or colourful portraits? Get inspired with the Instagram selection #195!


Cody Klintworth presents on his Instagram gallery peculiar and melancholic creations. Often produced in double exposure, his images push back the boundaries of reality and evoke the dreamlike atmosphere found in David Lynch’s movies.

© Cody Klintworth / Instagram


Welcome to the surrealist universe of Eliseo H. Zubiri, a photographer located in Argentina. Each staging tells a story… Your story.

© Eliseo H. Zubiri / Instagram


Katie Silvester is a photographer from London who works on commission, but also on her own projects. Snapshots of daily life, travels… The artist always succeeds in capturing the beauty of the world that surrounds us.

© Katie Silvester / Instagram


Betina du Toit is a photographer from South Africa, based in Paris. On Instagram, she reveals feminine and delicate portraits. Although the artist is influenced by fashion aesthetics, her compositions and her models play with the pictures and redefine beauty. A beautiful discovery.

© Betina du Toit / Instagram


Fred Ucciani, a young photographer located in Paris, claims minimalist photography for himself. He works on the forms, colours and materials that emerge from urban deserted landscapes. His images document space and make time stand still.

© Fred Ucciani / Instagram
© Fred Ucciani / Instagram

© Fred Ucciani / Instagram


Established in Los Angeles, Jake Michaels specialises in street photography. His dynamic images embellish daily life with craft. By playing with colors and lines, the photographer constructs a pop universe of pictorial inspirations. An account to follow closely.

© Jake Michaels / Instagram


@sammescobar is a mysterious artist that sets the stage as much as he photographs. He gathers refined and elegant settings on his Instagram gallery. A fascinating universe.

© sammescobar / Instagram

Cover picture © Eliseo H. Zubiri / Instagram